Drift Beginner – [Drift86 skin pack]


Drift86 Livery pack


Enjoy these liveries / skins for the game Drift86 available on steam. Drift86 is a racing/drift game developed by Rewind App who added a livery system that can be used to equip default and custom made liveries / skins for your cars. Our team created these liveries and all the decals used on it by themselves.

The “drift beginner” livery pack includes the following skins:

  • SuprXX – “Purple lightning”
  • XR-7C – “Purple Stars”
  • TG68 – “Chrome Fire”
  • XR7 – “LP Full Carbon”

If you want to learn how to equip the skins check out our article about Drift86 liveries.


This file is free for personal use in the game Drift86 only. You’re not allowed to resell this in any form or redistribute the downloaded files. Feel free to modify this skin to your liking.

Personal Use License means an intellectual property license that does not allow any type of commercial use or exploitation of such intellectual property; specifically, a Commercial License delivers a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non- transferable, non-assignable license to use or consume such Content for internal or personal purposes only, without any authorization to publicly perform, display publish, make derivates of, or financially exploit such Content in any manner whatsoever. (source)


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